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About Instafuge:

Instafuge is a service that provides responsive widgets for Instafuge, which can be embedded on various websites and blogs.

This privacy policy describes how we may process personal data when you use our website and our widgets, your rights and how to contact us for more information about our privacy policy.

Summary of Instafuge Privacy Policy:

We respect your right to privacy, and process all personal data in accordance with Polish and EU privacy regulations. For your convenience, we have compiled a summary of the privacy policy below, but we recommend that you read the complete policy to better understand how we collect and use personal information.

When you use our widgets, we will register information that you explicitly provide to us in our widget form. We may also gather information when you use our widgets, such as technical information and when, where and how our widgets were used.

We process the information to deliver our services to you, and to improve and develop our widgets and services. We also process personal information that you provide to us during widget upgrade. We may not share the data with any affiliated companies and 3rd party services. Information is gathered only for accounting, invoicing and contact purposes.

If you have not yet created an LightWidget widget, the only personal data we collect is your IP address, which is used for security and IT operational purposes. We may, however, collect anonymous data about the use of our websites and basic technical information about your device and Internet connection for statistical and analytical purposes.

We comply with Instagram Policy that can be found under this link:

Contact Information:

If you have any questions or inquiries about this privacy policy please contact us by using our contact page.

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